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I am a third year student at the University of British Columbia, majoring in Computer Science. For the past five years I have been building websites and developing my software engineering skills.

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+1 778 895 9472


personal projects

These are some of my latest personal projects.

Course Planner Mobile App Project

Course Planner: mobile app

“Course Planner” is an android application designed specifically for Computer Science students at the University of British Columbia. The app displays a list of all available courses and their corresponding description based on the student’s completed courses. The app then calculates the student’s credits and advises on future course planning based on the department's degree requirements.

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Simon Says Java Game Project

Simon Says: Java game

“Simon Says” is a fun and simple game which challenges the user to memorize a pattern displayed by the program. By completing a pattern correctly, the player moves up a level and a new challenge emerges. Beware, a wrong click means game over!

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