An android application

My goal with "Course Planner" was to ease the course planning process for Computer Science students at the University of British Columbia (UBC). Currently, students have to click on each course in UBC's website, check whether they meet the prerequisites for that course, and manually keep track of their accumulated credits. In order to simplify this process, this app aims to help students answer the following questions: (1) Based on my history, what courses can I take? and (2) How do these courses will help me fulfill the department's requirements for graduation?

Usage Flow

  1. Students select all of their completed courses.
  2. Students are presented with all available courses to them based on their completed courses.
  3. Students select courses they plan to take in the future.
  4. Students are presented with a summary of all their completed and future courses, their accumulated credits, and their standing in terms of graduation requirements.
  5. After each semester (or at any point, for that matter) students can change their completed courses and plan again for the next semester.
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